CCIE-DC Written In Ten Days? Am I Nuts? Probably.

Well… I am about to embark on a journey to Cisco Live!  Yep.  I set a goal several months ago that I would prepare for an exam that I would take while I was there.  Today, it comes down to the wire — I have ten days till I arrive and I have not had the opportunity to study much — if at all.  So, today I begin my challenge.  Perhaps the hardest one of my life — well other than losing some weight.  Can I?  Is it possible?


Can I prepare for, and pass, the written CCIE-Data Center exam in approximately ten days?  Before we take bets, let me preface this with the following caveats and statements:

  • I have extensive data center background.
  • Networking (R/S) drives me nuts.
  • I do not have my CCNA-DC or CCNP-DC.
  • I refuse to use cheats — this is against the rules.
  • I don’t really think I can do it, but damn it man — I am going to give it my damnedest try.
  • I don’t know any speed dealers — I don’t really want to either.


So… off to the races.  Sorry sweetie, I might be nose deep in books for a while!