1. So the requirement to install Cisco Hyperflex is that you have to have an existing vCneter server to add the esxi hosts to, in order to install Hyperflex?

    When the Hyperflex node gets shipped to a customer, what is actually on it? Is ESXi installed with the Controller VM’s on it?

    What about a customer without an existing vsphere environment? Would this work?
    a) install ESXi on every host
    b) take a local drive and create datastore
    c) install vcenter on that drive
    d) create Cluster
    e) install hyperflex
    f) svmotion vcenter to hyperflex datastore
    g) wipe datastore/drive and add it back to hyperflex

    1. You would need a temporary home to have a vCenter just for the install. After the install, you can move the vCenter into the cluster. The ESXi is installed on the nodes, yes. You can install over it if you desire. The vCenter would need to be on a different server, the local disk on a HyperFlex cluster is used for very specific purposes, including the distributed file system.

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