Due to a fragmented set of childhood memories, it is unknown if I was really ever born.  Perhaps I was “dropped off” from some spacecraft around what would be a typical humans 15th birthday.  I still don’t know.  My doctors tell me that I look mostly human.   As you can see, I cannot remember much of my youth and what parts I can remember are probably more unpleasant than happy.  So, let’s move on.

At the ripe old age of 15, I was in a gang fight in Los Vegas – okay, I was mostly beaten with a metal pipe before I was able to flee with more speed than grace through a dusty plot of land, over a grey cinder-block wall, and into relative safety.  Personally, I like to say that I kicked their asses, so let’s keep that part between you and me.

I was later relocated with the minority of my family to Snowflake, Arizona where I lived in a two-bedroom mobile home trailer with my parental units, my twin (I am the short one), my sister, and my grandmother.  Tight was an understatement.  That minuscule trailer sat atop a lovely 20 acre property covered with cactus, dirt, and juniper trees.  It also came without running water, electricity, gas, internet, cell phone service, or a landline.  True.  I could not fabricate that.  Eventually the property was connected, via an astoundingly long hand dug trench, to the world.  Yes,  you guessed it that trench was dug my twin bother’s and my own two hands.  That was a fun and relaxing summer.  For those of you that were invested in Coppertone during the summer of 1993, you can thank us for personally keeping the stock price on the rise.  You are welcome.

Grubbing Hoe… Not as interesting as it sounds.

I know you are thinking, “How does someone that grew up without the internet end up being a top-level IT engineer?  Okay, perhaps you were not thinking that.  Anyway, well it comes down to “Being Curious”.   You see, in Snowflake, Arizona there are only a few things to do like getting drunk, getting high, getting pregnant, or getting online in the library at school.  Having grown up in a house that maintained and went through a larger stock of Jim Beam vodka and beer than most bars go through on a game night, I pretty much determined that I was not going to be a huge drinker, and if you don’t drink – why do drugs?  No girls really wanted the squeaky voiced kid that lived in the sticks – and who was not Mormon in a town that was 99.8% Mormon – so by default I was in the get online crowd.  After starting with BBS systems, and being involved in some seriously black hat stuff (most of which I will strongly deny), I eventually was able to get on the Internet.  I still remember my first Internet interaction – on a Lync browser.  Yeah, text.

Life went on from there, living in a small truck bed camping car, sleeping between a thrift store and a shed in the snow, being taken in, moving to Utah to live with my older brother (thank you), working at Taco Bell – where I managed to sneak my way into Novell by knowing my technology, falling in lust and running off to Ireland, coming back, going to England for a bit, out to Peru, and back to the USA.  I eventually ended up married and working for the government in a pretty static and boring job.  Frustrated, I left and tried a small business (or six), which I eventually walked away from, doing low voltage systems design and installation.  Eventually I moved to Nashville, Tennessee where I ended up managing three stores for Select Comfort.  I decided to give corporate IT another try and was granted a job with National Pen where I was subsequently laid-off as they tried to make their books look good for a take-over/buy-out.

I went to work for Emdeon Business Services (WebMD) where I climbed the technical ladder into the Storage & Virtualization space which paved the way for a job at Asurion.

During the entire last two paragraphs, I found parenthood with a wonderful son and beautiful daughter.  Subsequently I found divorce – I will say that this was a hard decision, but when your life consists of fighting all day – you need to move on.

Back to Asurion.  This was a job that is lovingly joked about as a company where ‘one year of work will age you by three’.  I believe they were incorrect.  It actually ages you by five years.  I aged there 15 years – the later part in Japan, Korea, & China building IT Infrastructure for Data Centers, Call Centers, Logistics Facilities, etc.  It was challenging but I did get three good things out of it:

  1. Technical Knowledge Growth.  This job made me learn everything – every aspect of data center engineering and a few aspects that would not apply in a normal job.
  2. My Loving Wife.  I could not be happier.  She is loving, supportive, and forgiving.  More than that she is sexy, smart, and patient.  Who could ask for more?
  3. An understanding of the world – both personal and business – that most Americans will never have.  Word of advice?  Get a passport and use it.

Now I am in Arizona, a state that actively tries to kill you every day, and working for Sentinel Technologies.  I am leading the data center, wireless, and security technologies team in Arizona at the moment.  Generally, I love it.  It is great to be a mentor, engineer, and get to do a little project management at the same time.  It really is a great job for me – the travel sucks sometimes but you win some and lose some.  So, now that you know more about me than I do, please feel free to enjoy this blog.  Come into my curious mind, learn about anything that could kill the cat inside me – mostly technology, but there will be a spattering of other things too.

Have fun, come back, and click a link of two if you enjoy.